The Lecture and The Rest

I was reading through David Warlick’s most recent 2c Worth blog post here and he was talking about a Twitter stream feed that he glanced at. It was quote from Will Richardson (who blogs here). While the quote isn’t where I want to dive off from, it is the idea of “value-added” that David brought up in his discussion, specifically in relation to the role of the teacher in a classroom.As I read through the connected web of blogs and twitter feeds and facebook pages and so on and so on it becomes clear that our students who are growing up in this informationally (I think I just made that word up!) verdant environment have an incomprehensible volume of information, facts, ideas, opinions, etc available to them. So, presuming (and this is a rather big presumption, I know) that your students can find the information and facts themselves that you are presenting in class, how would you describe the value that you, as the teacher, add to the learning experience. And is that added value truly valuable – to your students?

Coming back to the quote that piqued David Warlick’s interest, “Assign the lecture for homework, do the rest in class.” (Will Richardson) it would seem that Mr Richardson is suggesting the value-added aspect of a (seemingly) university lecture is “the rest” and not “the lecture”. So this leads to the question, “In your classroom, what is the lecture and what is the rest?”

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