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  1. Han Sol Kim says:

    Dear Mr. Bruce,

    It has been a very, very long time since we have met and I am uncertain if you may remember me. My name is Han Sol Kim and I was your student at Vientiane International School for many years. It has been almost decade since then and while it seems like a very distant past, I still remember your wonderful IT classes and the exotic (and perhaps even ridiculous) costumes.

    Currently, I am a graduate student at Trinity University studying Master of Arts in Teaching and I will be attending the UNI Overseas Placement fair in February and I happened to see your school in the list! I must say I was very excited to see a familiar name at an event to which is very foreign to me. As an aspiring teacher, you and many other wonderful teachers during my time at VIS has been my greatest inspiration of becoming a teacher.

    I do not know if you will be attending the event but I wanted to contact you in the possibility of seeing you there. If you will be there, I greatly look forward to seeing you and speak to you and if not, I hope we may meet in some distant future.


    Han Sol Kim

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