BK Portrait PhotoBruce has been a learner since he was born and an educator since the early 90’s. He has taught all ages from kindergarten to post-graduate across three continents and five different countries.

With the bulk of his experience in elementary and secondary classrooms his integration into technology began in 1996 when teaching his first multimedia class to a group of Australian 8th, 9th and 10th graders. His integration into technology coincided with a sudden realisation that he was learning more than he was teaching!

While his personal and professional journey has been ever changing since then, he is presently concerned that the journey of the average 8th, 9th and 10th grader has remained basically the same, with much debate and confusion on what learning really looks, sounds and feels like.

As society has been pushed into the 21st century with the explosion of immersive media, mobile devices and distributed creativity, the classroom has stubbornly resisted such forward movement and springboards for learning, resting comfortably on the shoulders of past giants to become stunningly irrelevant in the process.

As K-12 Principal in an international school in South Korea, Bruce has the opportunity to learn with fantastic teachers and students and works to ensure new giants are growing and that the hours spent in the classroom are becoming stunningly relevant.

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