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Attempting to go too far!

Last night we had a leftover Thanksgiving dinner with good friends, a lovely meal of turkey, stuffing and mashed potato (and a jar or two of the household brew) and much thanks was given.

In between all the thanking and giving (and jars) we were discussing my recent trip to Korea and I shared that moment where my dark side was reprimanding me for even considering that I can be an Elementary Principal. There was a serious “Who the hell do you think you are!” internal monologue, with a “you know nothing John Snow” closing line. With all this internal castigation happening on the plane on my way to the school where I am going to be the new Elementary Principal in 8 months time, I waved for the flight attendant and had another shot of single malt poured. Darkness within!

And then today I read Seth Godin’s blog post of the day and one line of his leapt out at me…

“Internal monologue amplifies personal drama.”

The context of his comment was something that also caught my attention, as I have blogged about it in the past and just recently was contemplating some new ink to immortalize the sentiment in flesh. Seth wrote…

“When we find ourselves on the edge of a precipice, looking down at the depths of the chasm below, it’s easy to think that this time we went too far, that our plan is far too risky, that our product is way too bizarre, that our behavior is just too weird…”

I wrote,

“jump and the net will appear“.

Back to my thanksgiving dinner and the chat I was having.

When I mentioned the dark side, my host leapt at the comment with a, “don’t you just love that!” It wasn’t what I immediately expected as a response, but I had to agree. Yes, I did love it! He went on to say something to the effect of being really concerned when that dark side is not present. That the guy without the dark side telling him to give it up and stop dreaming is the egotistical maniac that we have all at some point in our careers wished we didn’t work for.

So as I put it all together, the wisdom of Mr Godin, the wisdom of my thanksgiving dinner host and my drift to the dark side I know things are going ok.

I’m not an egotistical maniac that my future colleagues will wish they were not working for, the precipice I am walking out onto is so much closer to the ground than I think, and I can chew a lot more than what I have bitten off!

Seth finished with,

“You’re far more likely to go not-far-enough than you are to go too far.”

Here’s to attempting to go too far!

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