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I was going through a few apps I have been using of late to write a blog post or two and found this one languishing in the “finish me and let me out” box. So, nearly three months later, here is one that I cobbled together after a trip away.

September: Having spent a most amazing week away from home in the bosom of Scottish and English family and friends, I am now returning to Saudi Arabia, to reconnect with my beautiful wife and daughter and to get back into the grind of daily life.

I have lived in Saudi for four years and have truly been privileged to live and work within a culture that is so intriguing, unknown and present. There are many elements of that culture that are familiar. There are many that are different. There are a few that truly disturb me.

I am flying with the national airline, Saudia Airlines, and as with any major airline, there is in-flight entertainment to take ones mind off the hours that slowly tick by. The usual fare of Hollywood hits are up for selection and again, as with other major airlines, are modified in format and content to suit the average airline passenger. And it is these modifications that have brought me to the point where I am putting something down.

An action packed and suspenseful R-rated movie has just helped me over Italy, across the Mediterranean and into Egypt and was modified considerably through the use of blurring images on the screen that were not to be seen. Were they the graphic scenes of people getting their heads blown off? Was it the gruesome strangulation scene that I couldn’t watch? Was it the blood-spattering head-beaten-to-a-pulp scene? Was it the female protagonist being beaten and dragged by her hair?


It was the bare skinned shoulder of the female protagonist. It was the small scantily clad rubinesque alabaster statue on the mantlepiece in the background of the scene where one bad guys brains were splattered all over the face of another bad guy. It was the bare knees to ankles of two female extras walking through the background of the head-beaten-to-a-pulp scene.


I mean… REALLY?

This is the element of this culture that I find truly disturbing.

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