I am learning to speak the way I write

I was just catching up with a bit of recreational professional reading (is that an oxymoron?) over at BigThinkand I responded to a blog post about using speech recognition software to type. I commented that after using a fantastic speech to typing product for the past six months I have gradually become better at speaking like I write, which prompted me to think about that a bit more. Speaking like I write. Until now, I have never really considered the fact that I write differently to the way I speak. I mean, the same rules apply and I believed I abided by them equally in my speech and in my writing. But in fact I do not.

Some would argue that as an Australian I was doomed from the beginning, that the speech of those from down under simply cannot be converted to text faithfully, translating the undertones, insinuations, sarcasm and general lack of propriety. Others would say thank you, that reading a fully nuanced slice of Australian would be a backward step for world literature as a whole. While I won’t decide where to place the fence, I will maintain that I am getting better at speaking the way I type.

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