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Testing the new system

What a day! Opening my Netvibes is a signal to wipe out a good three hours of the day! So many interesting posts that link to other interesting posts that link to interesting ideas that link to interesting websites that link to interesting applications and so on and so on. Now I find myself composing an email that will send to my (newly discovered) Posterous account which will send to my blog and will send to my Twitter account and will send to my Facebook account. Not having tested it yet I am a little bit skeptical, but if, after I hit the send button I find that this appears on my blog, pops up in my Twitter feed and populates my FaceBook update I will know a couple of things. Firstly, that I have walked the configuration path of Posterous as per instructions (and not too tricky a walk either). Secondly, that I have sort of completed a circle – Netvibes RSS aggregator to blog to blog to blog to Posterous and then from Posterous to blog to Twitter to Facebook and then back to Netvibes as I see my own post appear (yes, I subscribe to my own blog). And thirdly, I now have a very slick way to shoot three ducks (apologies to the duck lovers) with one bullet. The only question that remains is, "How can this workflow be used in a classroom?" I'm sure there will be more to come on that one.

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