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"I dropped out of school because my schooling was interfering with my education."

I watched this video yesterday and it was the statement, “I dropped out of school because my schooling was interfering with my education” that stayed in my head and rattled around all night. I woke up with it this morning. As I cycled my regular Monday morning 20km it followed me and as I stood up to leave the office for a much needed blast of coffee it halted my step and dragged me back to the computer.”Is it valid?” is the question that it begs me to ask. I am thinking about how I learn. How I gather the knowledge that I need to competently perform my job. And I am thinking about how the students in my school learn. How they gather the knowledge they need to competently perform their jobs. And I am wondering if there should be a difference, because a difference there is.

Nobody is serving up the resources I need to do my job. I need to investigate, research, test, evaluate and reason with the information that I uncover in order to do my job. I am set a task and that is it. Bruce, we need to implement this. Make it happen. So I begin the process of researching, testing, learning, evaluating and so on in order to accomplish the task. How often does this happen in our classrooms?

Are our students the Titanic and ‘schooling’ and ‘education’ two passengers who have leapt from the ship in their life jackets, frantically blowing their whistles to attract attention but inevitably drifting apart as the boat sinks? Personally I’m not sure the situation is that bleak, but I tend to think that without a consciousness of the need for schooling to match the needs of education then the drifting will begin.

I would love to know what you think.


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