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Are you a teacher or a learning facilitator?

Gee, I’m doing some reading and thinking at the moment and things just keep cropping up! I’ve been subscribing to the EdTech List email list for a number of years now and thoroughly enjoy the different issues that users post to the list, ranging from requests for curriculum ideas, to tips on tech purchases to discussions of matters of great import in the world of educational technology.Lately I have been following quite closely a discussion around the issue of internet filtering in schools. This discussion has been continuing for the best part of a year (or even longer) and has had many contributors from all over the world and while it is fertile ground for comment, I will hold my tongue at present and rather take a side road prompted by one contributor’s comment.

And now, when I can no longer find the email I was looking at I will have to go ahead and cite without due reference (will work on it) the question, “Are you a teacher or a learning facilitator?”

From my point of view this carries with it a big distinction. I’d love to hear what you think.



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